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Gold Savings Account by 31p1 is made on the ideology of “A little savings today, makes a better tomorrow”. Providing a smooth customer experience, we help you save gold to increase your wealth and to withstand any financial difficulty in the long run. Be it a medical emergency or a retirement crisis, saving little by little in your gold account will give you a stable financial future.

We are on the mission to spread the awareness to save in gold online in USA and globally through our online presence and a community of ever-supporting customers. While the financial tensions are increasing globally, we urge people to save in gold bars so that they can overcome the consequences of growing inflation and faltering currency. You can save in gold online through 31p1’s interactive online portal and start saving in gold now. Sign up now and get access to your free gold savings account.


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The Most Reliable Gold Savings Platform

31p1 is a unique idea that is revolutionizing the method of saving in gold. With a smart and secure system, we bring you the best gold savings like no-other.

By registering with 31p1, you get access to a fully-digital dashboard where one can track, record and manage your savings. This online portal lets you keep a trail of your finances and dominate your threshold.

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Saving in gold is now easy and convenient. Check below:


EXCEPTIONAL Customer Experience

Providing the best service to our customers is our first priority. With innovations and special customer support, we stay at your constant service.


FREE Gold Vaulting

With our diverse and experienced staff at 31p1’s vault built in New Mexico, we assure that your gold will stay secure in the safest hands.


LOWEST Gold Price

We are offering the purest gold i.e. 999.9, 24 carat gold in the lowest price so that the financial crisis being faced can be reversed.


FLEXIBLE Subscription Plans

Use 31p1's saving solution for stress-free money management. To start saving, choose from a unique subscription plan according to your budget.


SAVE WITH Any Budget

Whether you’re saving in 1 gram or 1 ounce increments, we are here to accommodate and encourage your saving habits.


SUBSCRIPTIONS FOR Individual and Employers

Whether you want to sign up for the Individual Gold Savings Account (IGSA) program or the employer program (check to see if your employer offers this benefit plan), saving in gold is now easy for EVERYONE.

31p1 for Individuals


Now in just a few simple steps, you can start your gold savings with 31p1. As much as we understand how difficult buying gold could be, we let you access your very own digital gold saving account where you can subscribe to an affordable plan for a cost as low as $4.99/month. You can now invest money in gold with any budget.

31p1 for Individuals
31p1 for Employers

31p1 for Employers


To instill saving habits into your employees, pick a custom package as per your business need. By signing up with 31p1, your employees can start to invest in gold online regardless of their income in different gold bars. The gold bars could be as low as 1 gram or as high as 1 ounce.



Thinking of making a one-time gold purchase from 31p1? We are the most authentic gold providers selling the purest gold. To start buying, create an individual’s gold bullion account, choose from the five denominations, and we’ll get it vaulted securely or shipped to your doorstep.

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Invest in Gold online with Individual's Gold Savings Account

With putting away money in savings or investments, you open yourself up to other risks. A financial emergency can knock your door at any given time therefore it is important for you to always have some extra assets by your side. An average person decides to save for the following reasons:

  1. Emergency Cushion
  2. Retirement
  3. Average Life Expectancy
  4. Social Security
  5. Education

To be able to meet the needs of savers, 31p1’s IGSA comes at your rescue. You may be saving for any of the one reasons mentioned or not, in just some simple steps you will get an access to your very own gold savings account. Follow the steps to open the door to a high performance gold bullion savings account:

save gold

First Step

Through a 3 step easy process, register yourself an IGSA account and make the best gold investment.


Second Step

Choose your budget, payment frequency and denomination to customize a plan that suits you best.


Third Step

Make monthly payments directly from credit/debit crad, and save gold until you meet your threshold.


Fourth Step

Once the threshold is met, let us vault your gold bars in our safe and secure depository or ship them to you.

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Invest in Gold online with Employers Gold Savings Account

An employer gold savings account is a pooled gold investment account provided by an employer that allows employees to set aside a portion of their pre-tax wages for retirement savings or other long-term goals such as paying for college tuition or purchasing a home. The employers need to match their employees' contributions up to a certain dollar amount, or by a certain percentage.

How 31p1's employer account works?

To register for a 31p1 online gold account for employer, the employer signs up determining and listing its employees. The employee then gets an access to the dashboard where they fix the amount of contribution and the frequency they want to save gold in. Then the employer can match the contribution percentage along with tracking deductions and contributions. When, an employee’s threshold is met, their account amount will be transferred to physical gold. The physical gold will be then distributed by employers on quarterly basis.

Concluding, 31p1 believes that by investing in gold and silver, or other precious methods will improve the financial stability in the future which will eventually effect on the economy of nations. This gold saving platform is ought to bring a revolution in the way people save gold. Sign up now and customize a gold saving plan that suits your needs at 31p1.

Purest Gold by 31p1

If you are planning to invest in gold online, then keep in mind that the purest gold is being sold at 31p1. 24 carat, 99.9% pure gold with the LBMA stamp, imported from Nadir Metal Rafineri, Istanbul. Now, you can invest in gold online with an assurity of only receiving the most authentic and purest gold. Since, we are constantly working towards achieving the satisfaction of the clients we serve to meet the growing demands and supply the best to make our customer’s investment worth it.

Stories of individuals employers whose spending habits are now turned into saving habits.

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